Why skateboarding’s biggest names don’t skate anymore

As of August, only 13% of skateboarders around the world are active.

That’s down from more than 60% just a few years ago, and it’s likely a result of the recent legalization of marijuana in most Western countries.

But it’s a big step forward, and one that should only improve as the years go on.

There are now more skateboards than skateboards.

And it’s the only sport in the world where there are no rules or rules to break.

In some ways, that makes it the perfect skateboarding sport for those who just don’t want to be known for breaking the rules.

“If you don’t get on the board, it’s just like skateboarding is a way to do things without any rules,” said Mark Felt, who runs the skateboarding blog Felt’s Edge.

“I don’t know how much you would ever see a skateboarder break the rules, but they have to be very careful.”

The skateboard world is still evolving, with some rules coming in recent years and others still in the works.

It’s an interesting place to be right now, with no clear rules.

But as time goes on, skateboard rules will get more stringent.

“The more time goes by, the more things get made up,” Felt said.

“As people get more comfortable on the boards, they start to realize that it’s okay to do certain things, to do those tricks.

There will always be a few that are more dangerous than others.”