Skateboard accessories sell out, but there are still plenty of fun skateboard games to be had

By David KielyskisPublished June 16, 2017 11:00:10In the first week of June, I sold two thousand skateboard wheels for a few hundred dollars.

I was lucky enough to have an extra set lying around for $30 and I’d been surfing the net for hours when I got a message from a friend that she had a couple of hundred dollars left over.

I thought it would be nice to sell my own set, and I thought that was the coolest thing ever.

The second day, I got another message from another friend that he’d had a few thousand wheels.

It was a little late to sell a set, so I decided to try and make some money from selling my own sets.

My friend’s set had a little blue skateboard logo on the side.

So I just flipped on the backside of the board and started selling it for $35.

Two days later, I had sold another thousand skateboards.

After that, I found out that it was not just skateboarders who liked the idea of selling skateboards, there was also a bunch of people who were just trying to make some extra money.

There are still lots of great skateboarder products out there, and the demand is still there.

As the internet has grown, so has the demand for skateboard products.

Skateboarder, a skateboard store in Toronto, sells a range of skateboard and skateboard accessory products. 

The store is now located on Queen Street West in Toronto’s financial district, and has grown to over 20 locations since opening in 2015.

Shop: The shop also sells skateboard parts and accessories and some skateboard rental and transportation services.

You can visit them online at and visit their website at

We also have a Facebook page where we post news and videos from the store and community.