How to ride your skateboard like a pro

The term “skateboarding” has become synonymous with speed and speed is the name of the game.

The sport has grown to become a big deal in recent years thanks to its popularity with teens.

However, for many skateboarders, the sport is also about a different thing, a sport that requires more skill.

In fact, most skateboard riders are new to the sport.

But as they get better at it, they find themselves having more fun and the rewards are great.

One skateboarder is taking that idea to the next level by taking the sport to a whole new level.

The guy who goes by the name “Skate” is a pro skateboard rider and he is one of the fastest skateboarding riders in the world.

He has been doing this for years, he’s got the skills, he has the speed, and he’s in a position to be a professional athlete.

So why is he doing it?

One reason is he is the father of two young boys, he says, and a couple of reasons are he has a lot of time on his hands and that is where he gets his inspiration.

“I don’t really have time for my kids, but I do have time to do something fun,” he says.

“So when I see the kids, I say to myself, ‘Why not make it fun?'”

The kids get excited and Skate has his first family of skateboard skaters.

One of the main things they have to learn is how to skateboard, Skate says.

And he wants them to be able to do it on a regular basis.

“My kids are doing it so good,” Skate said.

“And it’s something that I really want to teach them.”

Skate’s story has inspired others to take a look at the sport, and Skates dad, who has been skating since he was eight years old, is one that many people are following.

His son and daughter-in-law, who are both skateboard players, both got into the sport by chance.

“They both did it on the side.

They just started skating together at 16, so they both have the same goal, which is to be on the best skates in the sport,” Skates son, Michael, told ABC News.

“It was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.”

“I was very lucky to have these guys who were like my heroes growing up,” Skills daughter, Sarah, said.

When they were kids, Skates sons brother and two sisters all grew up skating together, and they have been skating ever since.

“Every time I have a skate, I have to go back to them and thank them.

I just want to say thank you, thank you so much for the years I have had,” Skays son, Ryan, said to ABC News about how he has been able to skate with his two kids.

“To see that they are so happy to have my skateboard and I am happy to be in their lives is amazing.

It’s the best feeling,” Skats daughter, Brooke, said of having her parents skate together.

But the one thing that Skates children and the family have learned from skateboarding has to do with skateboarding’s popularity.

“People like it because it is fun,” Skids son, Austin, said with a smile.

“We just think it’s cool.

The family has been practicing on skateboards for years. “

If you skate with these kids, they will be just as good as you.”

The family has been practicing on skateboards for years.

Skates kids have always been big fans of skateboarding.

“You guys can tell they are into skateboarding,” Austin said.

Skate and his boys are hoping to continue to do what they love.

“That is what skateboarding is about, skateboarding with your friends, skateboards with your family, skateboardboarding together,” Austin says.

“I have always had my favorite kids and my favorite skateboarding memories,” Skales son, Eric, said in a video that he uploaded to YouTube.

“Being on the street and skating, I always have a blast.

I’ve never had a bad skate.”

Skates youngest son, Logan, is a big fan of skateboards.

“There are a lot more skateboard kids around,” he said.

The family’s favorite spot for skateboarding, Skales home, is his dad’s shop.

“In my home I have my own shop,” he told ABC.

“When you’re home, you don’t have to worry about having to buy stuff, because I have this one shop.

I don’t know how many I have, but it’s pretty much my whole shop.”

In his home, Skages kids can skate as many as they want.

Skales sons two daughters have always loved skateboarding and the two daughters all have their own skateboarding spots, but Skates two sons, Tyler and Dylan, also