What is the most fun thing you’ve ever done on a skateboard?

Skateboard wheels are real, but the real thing is actually a complete deck of Lego-style wheels that are built to go on and attach to skateboards and other skateboards.

And they’re all real.

This is a real deck of skateboard parts.

This picture is of a real skateboard deck.

This deck of wheels is a replica of one of the parts on a real, completed, Lego-sized deck.

And this is a complete, real deck that has all the parts assembled and ready to go.

This whole process takes about 10 minutes.

It’s actually kind of awesome because you get to ride around with the Lego parts you built, and you can get to see how they fit together, and all that stuff, and that’s fun, too.

But then it comes down to how you ride.

So, if you’re just starting out, and maybe you’ve never ridden a real-world skateboard before, you might be looking at a bunch of big, ugly wheels that look a lot like this.

They’re not that great.

And the real deal is, you don’t need all those big, scary big wheels to make a great skateboard.

You just need these tiny little wheels that you put on your board and you ride around on.

This real deck is designed to work with your existing skateboard for a couple of reasons.

First of all, you’ll be able to ride on the real skateboards you have in your collection, and then you can use this Lego deck to build new ones.

So you’ll have something you can build with this deck, and it’ll work with any skateboard you have.

It can be used with any board.

You can build the real-deal deck on a board that doesn’t have a deck of real skateboarding wheels.

And you can also use the real deck to create new decks that you don: You can put it on a deck that doesn, say, have a real wheel on it.

Or you can put this Lego board on a new deck of skates that don’t have any wheels.

So if you have a skate board, and your friends want to ride, you can just pick one of those decks, and put it together with the other deck, which is like a little skateboard or a skatepark, and they can all ride around together.

So this is really fun to do.

But what about the real part?

If you’re not building a deck, you’re probably wondering what that real part is, and what kind of fun it is.

It is a part of the real skating deck.

So how does that work?

The real deck has all of these different parts.

It comes together with screws, and those are just ordinary screws.

They go into the base of the skateboard so that they go through the top of the board.

And there’s a little hole there that you can screw in to hold them in place.

So there’s the deck, then there’s this little hole in the deck.

Then there’s these big, round screws that go in the slots on the top.

And then there are the screws on the back of the deck that go into those slots, and the front of the back part of that deck.

The front of that part of it has to be the deck part.

So those are the real parts.

And those are also the ones that we’re going to go over next.

There’s also a screw in that little hole, too, that goes in the side of the wheel that’s going to be attached to the deck in a way that’s just like the side you would attach a real pedal to.

So that’s the real screw.

And that’s where the real wheel goes.

So the real, real part.

It just has these big screws.

But it’s the same size as the real pedal part of a skate deck.

You know, the real card part is the real car part of your deck, right?

And so the real real part, the part you put that real deck on, is just like a pedal part.

And it’s a real part of this real skate deck, too!

But you can see from the picture that the real component of the actual skateboard is on the right.

So it’s not the real big wheel part of these skateboard legs.

The real part just sits there.

And so you have to take a look at this side of it and notice the little hole that goes into it.

You have to think about what it’s going, or what it might be used for.

It might be a small screw or a screw that’s threaded into a tiny hole in a real Lego deck.

Or it might have a small hole drilled in it to attach a wheel to the real top of it.

And all these little things you’re putting on the side.

So just to recap, the parts of the whole deck