Man charged with shoplifting skateboard

Posted September 06, 2018 13:04:47 A man has been charged with stealing an antique skateboard from a skate shop in the Italian capital.

The unidentified man, who has been identified only by his initials, was arrested at the site of the theft on Thursday.

The owner of the shop, Giancarlo Gattone, said he was not aware of any criminal investigation and said the owner would have a good explanation for the theft.

Gattone said the skateboard was an antique, which was worth €60.

Giancarlo, who lives in the town of Pisa, said the thief was not in his shop at the time of the incident.

He said the shopkeeper, who had been wearing a mask, was walking around his premises when he noticed the skate board.

He was not armed and could not have done the crime if he was, he added.

The skateboard is said to be worth between €100 and €200.