Skateboard decks can be a lifesaver

Skateboards are a favourite form of recreation in many parts of the world, especially in Australia.

While some skateboarders may enjoy their rides, others might be drawn to the decking itself as a relaxing way to escape.

Here are some of the top-selling skateboard brands in Australia today, and why.


BAKER: Skateboarding in Australia is booming.

In the past five years, Australian skateboarding has seen a phenomenal increase in popularity, with a total of 841,000 riders registered on the industry’s most popular platform.

The number of skateboard shops is on the rise, with new stores opening every year.

In Australia, the largest skateboard brand is the Bauer brand, which has a strong presence in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

In 2017, Bauer launched a brand new skateboard, the Bauer Zee, which features a large, curved frame and a fully-customisable design.

This skateboard is a great value for those who are looking for a more affordable option, with the Bauer Skate board priced at $79.

The Bauer ZEE will be available in July 2017.


BANKERS: Banks have been around for ages.

But what about skateboarding?

While skateboard boards have been a staple of many skateboard styles for decades, it was Banks that first brought the sport to the masses.

The first skateboard to feature the Bank logo, the Bank Zee was launched in the early 1980s, and was a massive success.

With the Bank being one of the most popular skateboards in Australia, its success paved the way for skateboard companies like Bauer and the Bank to follow suit.

The Bank Zees popularity has only continued to grow over the years, with more skateboards being created and more brands being added to the Banks portfolio.


RAY & REED: While skateboarding is an industry that is predominantly male dominated, there is a growing number of female-led brands competing in the industry.

There are currently three skateboard and skateboarding brands competing for a share of the market.

The three are Ray & Reed, the original Ray, which was founded in 1987, and the Reed & Reed line, which is owned by the famous duo Ray D’Agostino and Ed Reed.

Ray & Reeds skateboards are the most affordable skateboard on the market, with prices starting at $39.99.

Ray has been a successful brand in Australia for over 40 years and has been successful in the United States, where they are considered one of skateboarding’s biggest brands.


MACHINE GUNS: The world’s oldest and biggest skateboarding brand, Machine Guns was founded by Mark Fazio in 1988.

In 2003, Fazia was appointed CEO and CEO of the company.

Since then, the company has grown to include three divisions, one for the retail and one for business.

Machine Guns skateboards can be found in over 50 countries, with over 200 locations across Australia and New Zealand.

The most popular machine gun in Australia right now is the Piston, with an estimated 5,000 sold every day.


BOLT: The Bolts skateboarding collection is a well-known and well-loved brand in the skateboarding world.

Founded in 1994, the Bolt brand is an Australian skateboard company that is renowned for their quality products.

The Bolt skateboard has a long history of being popular in Australia and around the world.

The Bols range from the basic Bolt to the more expensive Bolt Zee.

The price of a Bolt ZEE is around $59.99, and you can get one with a customised handle and a custom painted front grille.


SKATEBOARD BAGS: Skating is not just about riding, it’s about having fun too.

Some skateboard bags offer the option to have a custom designed bag or deck installed on top of the skateboard.

Some bags have a deck attached to the front, while others have a foam top on top.

In some cases, a custom deck is added to your skateboard or bag.

In 2018, launched a new collection of bags that feature custom decks and decking. also recently launched a custom Skatebike deck for $199.

SkATEBOARDS COLLABORATIVE DECKS: Some of the biggest skateboard manufacturers are teaming up with skateboard groups to create collaborative decks.

In 2019, the International Skate Boards Federation (ISAF) was created to promote the skateboards community through the skate board industry.

The IAF partnered with Skateable to create a collaborative deck for the 2019 Skate Party.

This deck was produced by the Australian company, Skateship, and has a unique design that has been shared with many skateboarding groups around the globe.


LIGHTING: The light-up skateboard craze of the 80