‘A little bit of a mess’: Vettel admits his race with Sebastian Vettel was a ‘little bit of an accident’

Ferrari has admitted that it “made some mistakes” in the race against Sebastian Vaux, but the team believes it has learned its lesson from the past and has the cars in the right conditions.

Vettel finished third and was second to Sebastian Vax in the championship, with the pair both claiming pole positions at the Monaco Grand Prix.

But Ferrari was so far ahead of its rivals in qualifying and the race that it made some mistakes.

The Ferrari team said that Vettel’s mistake came in qualifying for the first corner and that he had to stop, but when he did start again the Ferrari driver lost his grip.

He was able to get back on the line, but his teammate lost his pace, and they ended up both getting passed by Vax.

The German was penalised for the incident.

“He should not have been so aggressive, he should have stayed on the straight, but he had his brakes on, so he was able get a bit of the rear of Vax and got some speed,” team boss Sergio Marchionne said.

“And I think he had some issues with his braking.

So I think there were some problems.

But it is a little bit a mess, and we can’t say exactly why it happened.”

He said that while Vaux had not yet finished the race, the Italian has shown that he is a fast driver.

“I think it’s because he has been racing on the other two tracks, and that’s why he is fast, that’s what makes him fast,” Marchionnet said.

“So he can race on all of the tracks.”