How to make a skateboard and make it awesome!

In the first video I made for the new skateboarding series, I was just going to do a skateboarding routine, and I was going to make it look like an airplane crash.

And I wanted it to be really funny.

But then, my friend Alex told me about a skate park and it was like, “Yeah, this sounds great.

You should go to the skatepark.”

And I was like “Oh my God, this is really cool.

That sounds awesome!”

So I did that.

And then, I got to work with some skateboarding guys who I met in New York.

I met these guys and we just kind of just got into this really fun world of skateboarding.

And we were like, why don’t we go and do this?

So, we just went and did it.

It’s just crazy.

It was just this crazy adventure.

I mean, it was pretty funny.

You know, it’s like I would do anything for it.

Like, skateboarding is a way for me to get away from a lot of the things that are in my life.

I don’t think I’d do anything else.

So, I’m really grateful for skateboarding for letting me get away, just to go out and do what I love, just for my kids, and to see them get to a place where they can skate, because I have so many amazing friends.

It just gives me so much joy to just do something that I love and enjoy, because the other things I’m thinking about, I would never do.

But it’s just really fun.

And it gives me a chance to just be able to skate with my family and go to skate parks.

I have some great friends in skateboarding, and it’s really cool that they’re in my corner.

It gives me an opportunity to skate, and that’s really fun, and then I can do this with them.

I’m not in any other corner.

I skate with a lot other people, and skateboarding has been so much fun for me, and has been such a way of letting me know, “You know, I love what you’re doing, and you know, if you’re not doing it, you’re making me really happy.”

I just really enjoy it.

I love to skate.

I just love to get out there.