Pink skateboard hits record as ‘biggest single-day’ sale of all time

With the ‘big’ selling day of March 10, 2017 now a little over two weeks away, the world is getting a peek at just how big of a hit the pink skateboarding craze has been with consumers.

The pink skate board is already one of the most popular items in the sneaker world, selling out almost as quickly as the brand.

It has seen sales skyrocket since the launch of the Nike SB Dunk High Boost, and now the company is on track to surpass its record-breaking “biggest sale of a sneaker ever” of 1 million units.

The first-ever sale of pink skateboards, which is believed to have been started by Nike, has already seen the company surpass the previous record-holder, the Nike Air Jordan XX2, which sold 1.1 million units, according to the company.

The Nike SBD Dunk High OG and the Nike DT Dunk High were the top-selling pairs of all-time, with the SB Dunk OG selling out quickly in early March, but they weren’t the only pair of pink sneakers sold that day.

The company also sold an additional 500 pairs of the SBD Pop, a shoe that comes in a pink colorway.

That was followed by a huge sales day for the Nike Dunk Highs in the spring, and the SB Pop in May.

The pink sneakers are made with “peach,” a special blend of organic pearls that are supposed to give the shoes their signature “pink” look.

But they also have other ingredients such as “sodium carbonate,” which the company says has been used to give them a “soft, smooth feel,” according to a statement from the company on its website.

According to the shoe company, it’s all about creating the best-in-class sneakers, with Nike’s focus on innovation and technology.

The “bigest sale of any sneaker” was also surpassed by the Nike XS Reebok Zippo.

In its first-day sales of pink Nike shoes, the sneakers sold out in three minutes, according a report by Bloomberg.

The sales of the pink sneakers came after Nike announced the company would start rolling out a new version of the shoe in June.