Why you should love skateboards

In the midst of the election, it’s hard to avoid the idea that people’s passions are running high.

In the days leading up to November 8th, people are eager to celebrate their passions.

Some are just happy to have their votes counted.

Others are passionate about the topics they care about most, like the future of transportation.

But a lot of people, especially those who’ve never ridden a skateboard, are also excited about the potential of a skateboarding future.

That’s because skateboarding is a lot more fun than riding a skate.

And yet, it takes an incredibly hard, mental, and physical work ethic to build something as beautiful and complex as a skate deck.

We want to hear your stories.

Let’s get the conversation going.

We’re a small startup, but we’ve built a brand that will change how we think about the future.

We are not just making things for kids, skateboarders, or anyone else.

We’re making things that we can’t live without.

The skateboard deck is a way to help us create that future.

To get started, we’ve put together this infographic.

Check it out!

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