Why are skateboarders still getting hurt?

NEW YORK — In the wake of an all-out, record-breaking storm, skateboarder Nick Ozzoli has found himself on the other side of a wall, a little less safe than the skateboard that was supposed to protect him.

Ozzoli, who rode a skateboard on the way to work at the New York Stock Exchange last Friday, says he saw the skid come down just in time for him to catch his breath.

The snowstorm that brought the city to a halt on Monday night was the largest on record and the heaviest on record in the United States.

It was also the worst in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

The storm left a trail of destruction that included power outages and widespread power outage across the Northeast and West Coast, as well as damaging tornadoes in Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.

Ozzolis skateboard was caught by a truck on the sidewalk, but was not seriously damaged.

It’s unclear what went wrong, but Ozzoli says it was “very close to me.”

Ozzy has been skating for the past 15 years, and his skateboard, the Nokomis, is a big part of his identity.

“I think the board is the main part of my identity,” he said.

“My skateboard has been an important part of who I am and how I’m trying to live my life.

The boards are just the way I skate, it’s my foundation.”

Ozzola was riding the Noks at the time of the storm.

He said he rode to work to protect his skate, which was on the ground when the storm hit.

Ozzy was not injured in the accident, but the board and skateboard were taken to a local repair shop for a new set of wheels and bearings.

The shop later replaced the skate with a new one.

Ozzola is now hoping the shop will repair his board.

A spokesperson for the New Jersey Division of Insurance and Financial Services told NBC 4 New York that the agency is working with Ozzolis repair company to see if they can get the board repaired.OZZOLI says the skate was the most dangerous skateboard he’s ever seen.

He says he’s trying to learn how to protect himself as much as possible.