Which players are the best in the NHL right now?

With the NHL season kicking off tomorrow, here are the top 10 players right now.


Erik Karlsson, Ottawa Senators The No. 1 pick of the 2017 NHL Draft was a big-time talent in his rookie season, leading the Senators to a Stanley Cup Final appearance and a berth in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

He also had two goals and four assists in eight playoff games, as the Senators advanced to the Western Conference Finals.

Karlsson’s production has continued this season, as he’s scored nine goals and 12 assists in 24 games, while adding two goals in six games in the Western Hockey League playoffs.

Karlsons offensive game is also very much on display, as a strong second-line winger, he has nine points (four goals, six assists) in 24 playoff games.

He’s also a huge body with excellent shot-blocking ability and good skating ability.

Karlson’s defensive game has also improved since his rookie year, as his plus-6 rating this season ranks second in the league among defensemen.


Jonathan Huberdeau, Arizona Coyotes Huberseau has been a standout defenseman in his first two seasons with the Coyotes, and he continues to play at a high level, with a +12 rating in 40 games.

This season, Huberdes has two goals, three assists, a plus-2 rating and a plus plus-4 rating.

His scoring is on a pace to rival his previous best season in 2018-19, when he scored seven goals and 19 assists in 67 games.

The Coyotes have also been aggressive in the defensive zone, allowing just nine goals on the power play this season.


Dylan Strome, Edmonton Oilers Dylan Stroms top line with Olli Juolevi and Connor McDavid is a top pairing for the Oilers.

The team has won five of their last six games.

Strome has eight points (two goals, four assists) and a +13 rating in 22 games, including a goal and three assists in a 5-1 win over the San Jose Sharks on Monday.


Alex Ovechkin, Washington Capitals Alex Ovi is the No. 3 overall pick in the 2017 draft, and has established himself as one of the top players in the National Hockey League.

He has seven goals in 25 games, and leads the league with a plus percentage of 61.5.

Ovi has also posted four power-play goals, while scoring twice in the shootout.

Ovehkin’s offensive production has also been very high, as Ovi leads the NHL with a team-high plus-5 rating, and a team best plus-17 rating.


Jake Virtanen, Florida Panthers The No, 1 overall pick of last year’s draft has been dominant this season for the Panthers.

He leads the team in goals with 14 and is second on the team with 30 points.

Virtanens top line of Christian Ehrhoff, David Perron and Michael Chaput has been fantastic, as they are tied for third in goals, and tied for sixth in points.

The Panthers have also outscored opponents in the second period of games, winning all four games.


Jack Eichel, Buffalo Sabres Jack Eichselstetter is on pace for his best NHL season yet, with an NHL-best 21 goals and 35 assists in 39 games.

Eichse is fourth in the League with a .918 save percentage, and is third with a 2.00 goals against average.

He ranks second with a league-high four shutouts.


Connor McAdam, Edmonton Jets McAdam has had a great start to the season for Edmonton, and his offensive numbers have jumped.

He led the Oilers with eight goals in eight games, before he was pulled after two periods, with the Oilers losing 2-1 to the Vancouver Canucks.

McAdam is second in points with 28 points, and fourth in goals (nine) with 21.

McAdams offensive numbers are also on the rise, as two goals this season and four points in five games in his last six contests.


Zach Parise, Minnesota Wild Zach Paris has been the No

What to Know About April Skateboards!

We are back in the real world!

We are getting ready to skate again and again, but with the help of our dogs.

April skateboard.

Photo by: @chrisvandez This year, April launched a Kickstarter campaign, so we can all get in on the action.

In the last few months, Apllos skates have come a long way, so what makes these boards different than the competition?

A skateboard is designed to be fun, fun to skate and fun to ride.

That is a big part of April, and the goal of this Kickstarter campaign is to get you ready to try these boards for yourself.

These boards are not designed to compete with the most expensive skateboards.

They are designed to work for a family, and that is why we have to do everything we can to get the word out.

We want to make April as affordable as possible so that families can enjoy this new adventure together.

Apllis creators have created an awesome campaign to help us reach our goal, and we thank you for your support!

April is available for pre-order now, and they are already shipping out!

These are the skateboards that will help kids skate for the first time.

Each skateboard has its own unique design, but they all come in a variety of different colors.

This makes them easy to pick up and play with, and there are plenty of fun tricks to do!

There are even different sizes and materials available for different boards, so kids can customize their own April!

J.D. Lee, Skateboarding legend, dies at age 94

The legendary skateboarder, skateboard legend, skateboarding legend J. D. Lee died Friday, his representative said.

Lee had been in a wheelchair for more than three decades and suffered a heart attack in 2015.

He was 92.

Lee won four Olympic medals, including four gold, and two silver medals in skateboarding.

He became one of the most recognizable names in skateboards and the skateboarding industry.

He also won a Stanley Cup for the San Jose Sharks in 1976.

He retired as a pro skateboard racer in 1984.

In the 1960s, Lee’s family built an indoor skate park on the property of the Lee family, and in the 1970s, they built a skate park for the family.

The Lee family moved to Seattle in the 1980s.

Lee was a lifelong skater and an avid surfer, according to his brother-in-law, Robert T. Lee.

He played basketball and was a track star at Kent State University.

He is survived by his wife, Betty, two sons, Bobbie Lee and George, and five grandchildren.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Contact the writers at [email protected] or 206-464-2121.

Contact Joe R. Starnes at [email protected]_gazettes.com, at [email protected] and at [email protected]

Krown skateboarding gets new location

By Spencer PlattAssociated PressKOWN skateboarding is in a state of limbo after its parent company announced plans to move its skateboarding park in the city of Philadelphia, Pa.

But while the company plans to relocate the skatepark, it will still have a place to park.

Krown skateboards owner Dave Johnson told the Associated Press on Tuesday that the company will have a skatepark at the new location, called Krown Skatepark, but that the park will remain a separate entity.

The company plans on opening the new skatepark in April, according to the company’s website.

Kown skateboards has operated in Philadelphia since 2006 and is located on the grounds of the City Hall in the West End.KOWN’s previous location, in West Philadelphia, was demolished and is currently under construction.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported in December that the property will become a “sport park.”

Which skateboard manufacturer should you buy?

A lot of manufacturers have been releasing new products in the last year or two and the new skateboards are all pretty impressive.

But what if you want to upgrade your favorite, classic skateboard?

There are lots of manufacturers who are now offering some of the best quality skateboards on the market and there are plenty of people who would be interested in buying one of these amazing products.

Here are the best skateboard brands available for sale on the net.1.

Sailor Moon2.


Bike Pro4.

SkateboardFactory.comSkateboards: There are so many options available on the internet for buying and using skateboards.

Here’s what you need to know about each of them:BikePro: The best brand for anyone looking for the best looking, most comfortable skateboard available.

Bikes have the ability to have a more ergonomic design and have some of their unique features such as wheels that are more flexible, better handling and a higher-resistance rubber.

This makes them a great choice for beginners who want to get their feet wet in a more challenging style of riding.

It’s a very affordable option and you can even buy a complete set of bikes.

It has a great collection of quality and affordable bikes and it comes with some great features.

The only drawback is that it’s hard to find an option with a higher price tag compared to the other brands.

NovaVegos: The brand that started it all in skateboarding.

It started out as a bike manufacturer but it quickly became popular for its affordable and durable skateboards and high-end paintjobs.

Nova Vegas offers a wide variety of skateboard models and the quality of their products is unmatched.

They have a fantastic selection of brands to choose from and you’ll find a wide selection of wheels and wheels colors.

BikeFactory: A skateboard factory in the United States, BikeFactory makes skateboards with a range of colors and finishes, making it a perfect choice for those who want a high-quality skateboard for their budget.

The quality of its products is also unsurpassed.

The best thing about BikeFactory is that they have a great selection of skateboards to choose the colors and designs from.

They even offer special packages that are guaranteed to have your bike back in its original condition.

They offer a great line of accessories to get you started and are the only skateboard store that offers a great price on custom-built bikes.


Com: The skateboard brand that’s currently selling its best-selling model at $999.95.

They are the official skateboard retailer in the U.S. and have a large selection of high-performance skateboards at great prices.

If you want the best and most affordable options, Skateboard Factory is definitely worth considering.

Bike Factory offers skateboards in many different styles, with an extensive selection of colors, materials and colors to choose and an impressive selection of products to choose.

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SkaterLab: A brand that is also a skateboard distributor.

They also offer a wide range of brands and colors for sale.

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You might also want to check out the brand’s skateboarding videos, which are often a must-watch for anyone who wants to start their own skateboarding company.3.

NikeSkateboarding.com: Nike is a brand that has become one of the most recognizable brands in skateboards over the years.

They still make some of of the nicest looking and best looking skateboards available.

The company’s goal is to provide consumers with products that are affordable, comfortable and have the best of both worlds.

Their Skateboards are available in a wide array of colors for everyone to choose to enjoy their ride.

Nike Skateboarding has the best selection of affordable and high quality skateboarding brands available.

They don’t just sell skateboards but they also offer custom skateboards for the serious skateboarder as well.

You won’t find many other brands offering the best custom skateboard colors and materials available.

You also won’t be able to find a skateboarding shoe store that’s as good at selling custom skateboarding shoes as Nike.4.

Mountain King: If you’re looking for a budget skateboard that’s not too expensive and still gives you the best performance, you should check out Mountain King.

Mountain King has the highest quality skate boards and they are all made with the highest-grade polymers available.

All Mountain King products are guaranteed for lifetime support and are built to last.

If that doesn’t impress you,