Chicago skateboarder dies at 67

Chicago skateboarding legend Fred “Ludwig” Wagner died Wednesday at his home in St. Louis, Illinois, a spokesman said.

Wagner was 69.

He was an avid surfer, skater and surfer-turned-surfer.

Wagner and his wife of 43 years, the late Barbara “Barbie” Wagner, had two daughters, Kayla and Megan.

Wagner’s death is a blow to his surfing legacy, and a tribute to his wife and daughter, the spokesman said in a statement.

Wagner spent more than 40 years in the U.S. Navy, including two tours as a radio operator aboard the USS Missouri.

He had two sons, David Wagner and Paul Wagner.

Wagner is survived by his wife Barbara and their daughters Kayla, Megan and Paul.

Wagner retired from the Navy in 2011.

In 2013, he launched his first successful venture into the world of skateboarding, the Fred Wagner Tour, and the company’s first North American tour in 2015.

His new venture, Skateboard World, was born.

The company has since become one of the largest skateboarding tours in the country, and is one of four companies to win two U.A.E. Pro Tour events, the Tour of California and the Tour International.

The Tour of Canada, which was a major event in Wagner’s career, has not been held since 2008.

The U.K.-based company had a record-breaking first year of operations in 2017 with five top-10 events in California and seven in the Tour de France.

When the dogs are gone, what will be left?

There are so many different things that are possible to do with a dog, including: playing games or mowing the lawn and playing the board games.

But what about a dreamy vacation with your kitty?

That is exactly what I did. 

It was a bit of a trip, but the memories were amazing!

I had never been to Ireland before, and this was my first time ever to the country, so it was a lot to take in. 

I found a small beach at the end of a large country lane and a nice bikini at the end.

I went for a walk around the beach and a few smaller towns to take some photos. 

There was a large crowd and people were really friendly, even with my kitty in tow.

I walked past a very large pool of water and there were some paddling fish swimming around in it. 

The sun was beaming through the clouds and it was the perfect time to get out and explore. 

A couple of locals came up and told me about their dogs and I was able to talk with them about the different options they had for getting a dog.

I think I have some great ideas for other countries I plan on visiting next! 

There are a lot of different options to get your pet out to play. We had a nice time and I am really happy that I have this thing to play with.

I hope you have fun with it!

What are you going to do next week?

It’s a question you’ll get asked quite often, as skateboarding takes center stage in the Olympics.

For the first time ever, athletes from around the world are competing for gold in an international competition that pits athletes against each other on a grid.

This year’s Games have also brought back the iconic Skateboarder of the Year trophy, which has been a staple of the competition for decades.

The competition has also brought new life to skateboarder’s dream of becoming a professional skateboarders, something that hasn’t been possible in recent years.

Now, however, with the Olympics just a few weeks away, many skateboard fans are hoping to finally get their first look at the next wave of Olympic skaters.

As we continue to watch the games unfold, let’s take a look at five of the most intriguing names that are vying for the medal.1.

Hauler of Doom by

Gizmo, the Human by Skatingboarder.com3.

The Daedalus of the World by Skatesports.com4.

The M.O.C. by Skaterz.com5.

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Skateboards is a site that focuses on the sport of skateboard racing.

The goal of the publication is to provide skateboarding enthusiasts with a more up-to-date, comprehensive, and entertaining look at skateboarding, its history, the industry, and the people who play it.

For those that are not familiar with the term, the term skateboard refers to the skateboard-style board that is the backbone of most pro skateboarding.

Skateboarding is a sport that is often portrayed as a violent and dangerous activity.

The term “kicking ass” is used to describe the action on the board, but this term has become an often misunderstood term.

Skaters do not often do their kicking in the middle of the street, but many do it in the most creative and unexpected ways. was founded in 2015 and features a number of different categories including skateboard gear, videos and profiles, apparel, and apparel design., a separate website, focuses on skateboarding related articles, video content, and merchandise.

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The blog has been featured in several national publications, and features an editorial team that has published numerous articles for the site and is dedicated to providing skateboard enthusiasts with quality, up- to-date coverage of skate board brands.


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The skate brands featured in the,, SkateToys, SkatingRaceways, and sections are also among the most popular brands on the web. has had a major impact on skate shop life, and has been responsible for some of skate shop’s biggest names.

Many of the skate

What to wear for the holidays

The holiday season is almost upon us, but if you have a dog, there’s a good chance it’s not the best time to show him off.

From the new year to the holidays, here’s our top holiday gear for all your holiday needs.

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Best skateboard shoe for men