How to make your own skateboarder’s board and make it look cool!

Skateboarder and fitness enthusiast Brandon Johnson created this DIY skateboard skateboard kit for his kids.

Johnson says he wanted to create a skateboard for them to skate on, so he started with a basic deck.

He adds that the DIY kit will work for the skateboard.

Brandon Johnson, Skateboarding, DIY, DIY skateboarding, skateboard builder, skateboarding kit article Brandon Johnson is a skateboarding enthusiast, fitness trainer, and fitness blogger.

He also loves the outdoors.

He has been traveling the country doing free fitness workshops, outdoor bike rides, and kayaking for over 20 years.

He lives in North Carolina with his wife and son.

Brandon has a passion for the outdoors and is passionate about skateboarding.

He loves the freedom of the outdoors, the freedom to be in a place where he can go anywhere, anytime, and on any day.

Brandon is the founder of, a website that features all things skateboarding related.

Brandon started skateboarding in 2010, after working as a corporate security guard at a local skateboarding club.

He moved to California in 2013 to work for an online fitness company.

In 2014, Brandon got his first skateboard and has been using it ever since.

Brandon says he was looking for a skate board for his son to skate with and had a few ideas on how to make one.

He decided to build one of his own.

He started with the basic deck he had at home and built up the kit as he saw fit.

He said that he started from a basic skateboard deck and built the kit based on his own ideas.

Brandon’s DIY skate board kit is made up of the following components:A deck that is roughly 3.5 feet tall and 3 feet wide.

This is the deck you can skate on.

A deck mat that is approximately 6 inches wide.

This is the mat that you can place on top of the deck mat.

A skateboard handle that is about 1.5 inches long and 3 inches wide, depending on how tall you want your board to be.

You will need to cut some boards out and make a deck for your board.

You can get the boards from any skateboard shop.

They are all the same size, but the thicker ones are easier to cut out.

You will also need some foam to wrap around the edges of the boards to make it easier to hold the skate.

You’ll also need a pair of skate pads, a skate belt, a pair.

A pair of goggles that you will use to look cool.

Brandon said that his wife will make them for him.

He says that he has a few skateboard videos on his Youtube channel.

He makes them in black and white and they are pretty expensive, so you might want to get them made up yourself.

You also need to make some stickers.

Brandon recommends you stick a skate park logo on the inside of the board, so that you have an easy way to identify your skateboard when you see it in a store.

The logo can be made up and applied to the board.

You’ll also have to figure out how to attach the board to the deck.

Brandon used a pair to attach it to his skateboard in the photo above.

Brandon will also make a skateboards that are attached to the skate park, but you will need a couple extra pieces of skate board to attach to the back of the skate board.

Here are the parts of Brandon’s skateboard:A skate pad with foam wrap on it.

Brandon likes to use a skate pad for his skateboards.

You should always use a foam pad.

A board mat that has foam wrap around it.

This will help the skate pad stick to the wood deck mat better.

Brandon uses this board mat for his deck.

You need a skatepad that is 3.25 inches wide to get a 3.75 inch board.

The skate pad should be 1.75 inches wide and the foam wrap should be 0.5 inch wide.

The foam should be applied to your skate pad.

You then glue it to the boards.

A pair of safety goggles will help you look cool when you skate.

A skate belt that fits over your skate pads will help to hold your skate board securely.

A paddle board for your skate boards skateboard that is 1.25″ in length.

Brandon made this paddle board that he can use for both his deck and his skate board, but if you are going to make a longer skateboard like a skate tower, then you should make a smaller paddle board.

He recommends you make a short paddle board, which is about 0.75″ in height.

You can use a roller for the bottom of your board and attach a skate ring for the top of your skateboards skateboard with the paddle board and skate ring.

You may want to use some rubber to attach this rubber ring to the paddle.

You may also want to glue some paint to the outside of your boards skateboards