Inside the new toys to sell at Toys ‘R’ Us: Skateboard Box, Toy Machine and Toy Machine Skateboards

Recode is reporting that the new Toys ‘r Us stores, which include toy shops, specialty stores and specialty department stores, will be selling a range of new products that will be available for purchase on a kiosk.

According to Recode, the new products include skateboard boxes, which will be able to skateboard with any of the various toys available in the store, as well as skateboard wheels.

The new toys will be limited to 500 pieces.

The new toys also include a new toy, which was previously sold in the toy store, which is a skateboard frame, and an exclusive toy that will only be sold at Toys R Us stores.

The toy, called the Skate Box, will feature a skate wheel that has a different shape than the standard skateboard wheel.

The Skate Wheel will be offered as an add-on item at the same price as the standard wheels, which means the price will be $3.99 for the Skater Box.

The skateboard box is currently only available at ToysRUs.